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  • 4 Hi-Res cameras, 4TB hard disc, Complete setup & installation.

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    5 hr

    1,995 British pounds
  • 8 Hi-Res cameras, 8TB hard disc, setup & installation.

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    6 hr

    3,549 British pounds
  • 16 Hi-Res cameras, 16TB hard disc, Complete setup & installation.

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    7 hr

    4,995 British pounds

Smart solutions and services, at Teksclusive we have developed a comprehensive range of products, services and guides to further help and support technology design & installation choices.

Teksclusive are experts in the field of service & installation, audio visual equipment installation and many other related services. We are happy to guide you through tech installation from the design concept to the finished solution , new or familiar with technology, we'll find the best products to suit you.

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