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How to protect your electronic equipment and ensure it's safe during the extreme weather.


Heat is the number one enemy of microchips and processors.

Most of your audio visual, security, internet or smart lighting products have these heat sensitive components inside.

Most system installations require either AC (AirCon), fans or extraction systems to be in good working operation during warm weather.

If you have a stack of equipment with no cooling our advice given the current government severe warning is to turn the equipment off and give us a call for further advice.

If you do have some form of equipment cooling but are not sure if it is adequate, our advice is to monitor it, monitor the temperature and the functionality of the equipment and switch off equipment that you can do without just for the duration of the very hot spell. you could also call us for advice regarding what to turn off and what you will not be able to use.

If you are confident that you do have sufficient cooling for the duration of the severe weather, just check that this is operational and by all means call us if you are not sure.

Additional measures to keep equipment cool and operational might include the following..

1. turn off equipment from the mains power when it's not in use - (this has the added Bonus of a reset/reboot when you turn it back on) - certainly effective for Sky boxes and media players

2. Put up an additional Fan or mobile AC unit such as the Dyson air blade, this can only help in pushing out stagnant warm air and replacing it with cooler fresher air.

3. If equipment is hot to the touch, then turn it off unless it's totally necessary, also consider opening any vents, doors or panels in order to allow better airflow.

4. move equipment to allow better airflow between - sometimes tightly packed equipment can exacerbate the heat problem and simply moving to allow more space can help greatly.

5. Check your equipment daily, look for signs of failure such as equipment very hot, the distinctive smell of burned out electronic components and any equipment warning lights that may be displayed on its front panel.

6. if you have free roaming items such as iPads for control, touch screens or remote controls keep these out of direct sunlight and in a cool dry draw when not in use. if you have a fixed in-wall touch screen try to ensure its shielded from the sun using the blinds or improvise if necessary. - this also goes for Televisions and mobile smart phones.

7. with AC check that drip trays are and points where moisture is generated as these will build up faster when the system is going flat out and occasionally these might spill onto other equipment to cause damage.

8. if you are away for long periods over the summer consider turning off all equipment apart from essential security equipment.

Of course if you have any concerns - call us!

during the severe weather conditions we have extended our opening hours so that you can call us 8am-8pm everyday should you have any concerns or questions relating to over heating or equipment safety.

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