A smart home is a safe home!

Updated: Feb 9

Simulated occupancy, or “mockupancy”, is a powerful way to deter would-be burglars from even attempting to gain access to a property. Appliance timers are a very low-tech way to turn a light on for a few hours in the evening, but modern criminals often stake out a house for days before they break in. The same light turning on for exactly four hours at the same time every day says for certain that nobody’s home!

Security Solutions

Lutron, the industry leaders in lighting control, have a characteristically slick but effective answer to this problem. With a network-enabled lighting and shading system, you can turn any connected light on or off and open and close your curtains and blinds from anywhere in the world. This can also be automated, with a degree of randomness; in designated periods of time, lights will turn on and off as if someone is actually moving around the house.

Control4 has taken this one step further. A Control4 system is always learning new patterns of use, so when its mockupancy mode is activated, it can accurately mimic a real occupancy. That means lights, blinds, curtains, TVs, home entertainment systems, and anything else connected to Control4 turns on and off as if someone is really home, using the system. The light from a TV is often ranked highly in lists of burglar deterrents, so a mockupancy system like this is a highly effective first line of defense.

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