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Sky Glass what is it?

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

Sky's latest product for the UK market is now available and looks set to be a huge leap forward in home viewing. What is it and what do I get?

sky glass new tv product for sky customers explained by Roland at Teksclusive tv & audiovisual installation technicians

(image credit 2021 Sky UK)

Sleek looks, three available sizes, wired or wireless streaming and at last, no need for a satellite dish. We can see how the appeal of this new approach from Sky has led to a huge demand for this innovative product.

Essentially, Sky have combined the Sky box and the Television to create an all-in-box solution that doesn't need a dish - what's not to like?

The small, medium large approach means there's an ideal size for each home. choose from 43" 55" or 65" and if you have an existing screen that you want to use for a secondary viewing position - you can purchase what is known as a 'Puck', to perform the same task as SkyQ's 'mini box'. The Puck connects to the main 'Glass' TV and provides an HDMI out into your existing TV.

What's the technology like? It looks like a high specification screen, Ultra HD Quantum Dot and HDR10bit which is a welcome advancement and the Dolby Atmos 3.1.2 means you have a formidable audio setup right out of the box. The 6 speakers produce 215 watts of power and and emulate the surround sound configuration or Left, Centre, Right, Subwoofer and 2x atmos height speakers.

Whats the content like? You can expect everything you get with Sky Q including Netflix, Prime, AppleTV+, Catchup, On Demand and Apps.

Can I upgrade from other Sky packages? Yes you can, the pricing structure differs from the subscription style and is more akin to buying it on finance but with plenty options for customising a package thats right for you.

What does it cost? again its pretty flexible, you can either buy it upfront starting at £849 or you can opt to buy over 24 or 48 months starting at £17 and £34 per month respectively.

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