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KNX Wired Lighting

KNX Dali home or office lighting package + Installation & programming

  • 7 hr
  • 4,975 British pounds
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Service Description

The KNX protocol is the only truly global system, KNX is not a brand but a standard that many thousands of manufactures make products to comply with. - this attribute makes it a popular product with architects and interior designers as there is such a wide range of styles and finishes when it comes to the on-wall control panels. because its global and competitive the standard is rock solid and great value, many luxury apartments in London have adopted the system and it is widely used in the residential, commercial and marine settings. What does this lighting package include? x32 circuits -(Gira controller for up to x32 DALI dimmable circuits) x10 switch plates with bus coupler interface. x 1 Interface for app control x1 Teksclusive lighting accessory pack and lighting equipment enclosure Full installation, programming and setup (includes 3 revisions FREE) *Price excludes actual DALI light fittings - We can supply DALI light fittings but this is quoted individually and separately to this quote for the control and smart technology. Home Mood Lighting System - Full House Wired solution, to work with existing luminaire (which must be dimmable) - please ask for further info. For added comfort and security, selected lighting circuits shall be configured to allow connection for automated control to simulate occupancy whilst away from home. Light scenes or moods can be selected by simply pressing the corresponding wall button or if more convenient, by using the in-wall touch screen, or the integrated App which will work from any location in the world – so long as you have an internet connection. Lighting FAQs Q. What are the main advantages of a smart home lighting system? A. Preset scenes to set the mood for any occasion, security by setting lights to switch on/off at preset or random times when away from home. A single button can be programmed to switch the whole home off or to “away” mode as you leave. Q. What is a circuit (often referred to as Zone)? A. A circuit refers to the wiring from 1 x dimmer – this may have several lights connected but they will all dim simultaneously. It is therefore important to define the circuits very early on to ensure correct wiring. Q. What is a scene? A. A scene is a group of circuits where light levels have been set for each circuit to create the desired mood. The scenes can then be recalled on demand. PACKAGE DOES NOT INCLUDE CABLING - PLEASE ASK FOR DETAILS!

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Teksclusive Ltd., Cornwall Road, Pinner, UK

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