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Pro Remote Control

Control4 remote and hub to control your TV or cinema includes install.

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  • 1,249 British pounds
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Service Description

Now you can park all those different remotes in a draw and use just a single controller that will allow excellent seamless operation of all your equipment! The SR260 Remote Control retains the look and feel of a conventional remote control using physical, tactile buttons. - but there is also a free app that comes with this package These notoriously easy and reliable systems include a small hub processor which can be programmed by us to bring control of your smart home devices together. For example, Pressing the ‘Watch’ will allow you to select a TV channel, Netflix, Amazon etc and will then switch on the TV and could automatically activate the TV reveal system. Pressing ‘Listen’ will allow the selection and control of your Sonos playlists This system can be easily expanded to control other devices around the property. Control SkyQ, Virgin TV, BT set top boxes, your TV and surround sound audio system, cinema screens, projectors and basically any device you have. This package can only be purchased as stated which includes our qualified staff attending your home to set up the system. What's in the package? 1 x SR260 Remote control with charging base & battery 1 x EA1 control hub iphone and android app (install to multiple devices) Teksclusive accessory pack comprising control & network cabling 1 x custom driver (eg; SkyQ requires a custom driver - but most equipment does not) Teksclusive on-site installation and setup Note: we do require there to be internet access near the equipment that we are controlling. FAQ Q. Can the controller control any equipment that I have? A. The controller is capable of controlling most smart home devices but please call us for specific advice. Q. Is there an App to control the system as well as the remote control? A. Yes – we will set this up for you during our commissioning Q. What kind of quality is the equipment? A. The system is industry standard with a long track record for reliability and is guaranteed for 2 years. Q. Can I have favourite channels on the remote? A. Yes, you can easily add favourite channels to the App and touch screens Q. Can the remote also control my smart lighting system A. Yes, it is compatible with major brands such as Rako and Lutron Q. If I change equipment (for example upgrade to SkyQ) – can you reprogram the system without visiting me? A. Yes, we can make many small changes remotely – this forms part of our on-going support service

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Teksclusive Ltd., Cornwall Road, Pinner, UK

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